Ice Merchandisers

Ice merchandisers are often found outside gas stations and convenience stores, or inside at grocery stores and liquor stores all across Canada. There are two primary types of ice freezers available: indoor ice merchandisers, and outdoor ice merchandisers. Choosing the right machine for you will mostly come down to physical dimensions and the internal capacity of the freezer. You can look at the cubic feet capacity, or at how many bags of ice the merchandiser can hold.

Ice merchandisers come in two varieties: ones with an "auto defrost" system, or ones with a "cold wall" system. An auto defrost system will use a fan to keep the temperature at the correct level, and will periodically turn on and off, which will melt ice that would otherwise build up on the walls. This keeps your clean-up labour to a minimum. A "cold wall" merchandiser has refrigerant lines running through the walls, which gives you great protection against outside ambient temperatures, but does requires some more manual labour to clean off the built-up ice every once in a while.

You can choose between upright merchandisers (also called flat front merchandisers) and slant front merchandisers. An upright ice freezer will allow you to easily clean the merchandiser and can be placed flush with other coolers and freezers. A slant front freezer can be easier for some customers to reach in and grab ice from. Both are popular choices though; it really just comes to preference.

Leer ice merchandisers are very popular around Canada. You've probably seen their classic ice-capped decals in front of gas stations and grocery stores. These are well-made, built-in-America merchandisers that can last for many, many years will minimal maintenance.
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