Ice Storage Bins

Ice storage bins are made to go under modular ice machines. For your convenience, we've listed the compatible modular ice machines on each bin's product page. So just go to the bin with the capacity you want, and look for the list of compatible modular ice machines. Buying an ice storage bin isn't exactly rocket science, but there are a few considerations to take into account.

First, the most obvious will be the ice storage capacity. If you've got a restaurant, you typically don't need an ice storage bin with more that 900 pounds of storage. If you've got a hotel or a casino, then you might need more than that. When figuring out the ice storage capacity you need, think about the amount of ice you'll need during your busiest times.

Let's say for example, you're buying a bin for a hospital, that needs a consistent amount of ice all throughout the day. In other words, there aren't any rush hours for ice. Well, if you've purchased a modular ice machine that can produce 1000 pounds of ice per day, you're probably going to be okay with an ice storage bin that holds 500 pounds of ice. Your ice machine will have plenty of time to keep producing ice, so your bin will never get too empty.

But let's say, on the opposite side of the spectrum, that you're buying an ice storage bin for a place with a heavy rush hour, like for a stadium. You might only need ice for a couple really busy hours in the week. Well, then you're ice bin should be able to hold 100% of the 24 hour output of your ice machine. In other words, if your ice machine can produce 1000 pounds in 24 hours, then buy an ice bin that can hold 1000 pounds of ice -- that way you'll have plenty of ice during your peak times and won't have to be waiting for your ice machine to make any more.

We have storage bins with carts. These are useful if you've got to be transfering a lot of your ice to displays, or to other bins. If you've got any questions about which ice storage bins you should buy, just give us a call, and we'd love to help you out!
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