Ingredient Bins

Ingredient bins provide an effective solution for keeping large quantities of bulk product on hand in an easy to access place. These bins are usually large enough to hold mass portions and help you maintain order in the kitchen. Most often, ingredient bins are used for sugar or flour, sometimes they are called flour bins, but they are suitable for most other fine powders. These bins are meant for use in commercial kitchens, bakeries, and restaurants.

The main thing to consider when purchasing an ingredient bin is the quantity of ingredient you want to store. We offer a range of sizes to meet your specific needs, ranging from 8 litres of capacity to over 100. The smaller ingredient bins are shelf models, which will sit on your countertop, and the larger ones have casters for wheeled transport around the kitchen.

Most flour bins include appropriately-sized scoops which can be stored inside the bins in corresponding holders, out of the way of the product to avoid cross-contamination. They have narrow widths for easier storage. They have transparent lids which will flip open when needed.

If you'd like to learn more about the world of ingredient bins, please feel free to get in contact us. Our customer service team or sales reps are happy to help you in picking out items, providing lead times, or with any other questions you may have.
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