Lockers are a simple but extremely helpful resource for any business, whether in foodservice or not. If you have multiple employees or clients who bring any personal belongings with them to your business, lockers provide a straightforward solution to theft, loss, or mix-ups.

They provide peace of mind to all parties as everyone's contents are separate and secure. Purses, wallets, phones, keys, and more can fit inside even the smallest options we have. Locker units are suited for use in offices, gyms, schools, or anywhere you want to keep people's personal items safe and organized.

The categorization terms we use are banks (the number of compartments going across the width) and tiers (number of compartments going from top to bottom). So if a locker has 2 banks and 4 tiers, that would mean it has a total of 8 individual compartments housed in a single standing unit.

Keep height in mind when selecting which options work best for your business. If you're getting lockers for a school, kids are short. If you're getting lockers for a care home, the elderly may have a difficult time reaching low lockers.

Lockers, as their name states, can be kept shut with a key or combination lock. Of course, people may trust their co-workers or fellow students and not use a lock, but it's best to have the option anyway. In addition to security, having a small- or medium-sized storage space gives employees a sense of your provision and their independence, a place to call their own. Some models have recessed handles for a more uniform appearance and small airflow vents for some circulation is standard for most lockers. Lots of locker units will ship knocked down and require assembly.
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