Meat Band Saws

If you’ve got a butcher shop, a deli, a grocery store, steakhouse, or meat processing plant in Canada, you’re most likely going to need a meat band saws. These have super fast blades so they can easily cut through meat and bones (just like cutting through warm butter!). An electric meat saw is going to give you a much smoother, more accurate cut than if you were cutting by hand.

These commercial bone saws can be put on top of your countertop or on the floor, depending on your kitchen's needs. When deciding which bone saw to buy, make sure you check out the horsepower. Do you want a high-power or low-power meat saw? This depends on how much meat you’re going to be cutting. A meat processing plant will need a much more powerful machine than a small deli shop. And different meat saws have different blade sizes, depending on your establishment’s needs.

If you’re unsure of which meat band saws to buy, give us a call and we’d be happy to help you out.
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