Meat Curing Cabinets

The main purpose of a meat curing cabinet is to dry age meat safely and quickly. These cabinets will keep meats at the ideal refrigerated temperature, ensuring food safety, efficiency, and most importantly, a delicious final product.

The dry aging process these cabinets use is different from wet aging, which uses vacuum-seal bags and requires the meat to be consumed very soon after the aging process. Meanwhile, these dry aging cabinets allow you to store your meats for extended periods of time. The cabinets are industrial- and commercial-grade products and therefore are constructed from high-quality metals, materials, compressors, and insulation. They are equipped with advanced touch screen features, allowing you to set and monitor the temperature, humidity, air speed, and more.

All different types of meat can be cured in these machines, but make sure to check the instructions and manufacturer descriptions first. For example, the Dry Ager models can be used with beef, pork, fish, lamb, ham, plus cheese and even for the production of charcutiere!

If you’re not sure which meat curing cabinet works best for you and your establishment, please give us a call or send us an email and we’d be happy to help you out.
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