Milkshake Machines

If you’ve got an ice cream shop or a diner, you’re guests are going to want a milkshake — that’s just human nature! So a milkshake machine is going to come in handy. We've got some of the best milkshake machines in Canada (also check out our shake freezers). Our milkshake machines are high-quality commercial units, so they are built to endure the demands of any type of commercial establishment. You can be making milkshakes almost constantly and you will be hard-pressed to wear-out a motor on one of these things (just don’t put rocks in your milkshakes).

A milkshake machine is actually a quite diverse machine: you can make a variety of frozen drinks, on top of milkshakes and malts. And why not get a little bit fancy with your drinks: add in some pop, or some berries, or flavours: the possibilities are endless (well, nearly endless; again, don’t add rocks to your drinks).

We’ve got a variety of sizes of milkshake machines here. Some are more heavy-duty than others, so they’ll be suited for adding things like nuts and candy chunks and what not (but still no rocks). We’ve also got lighter-duty mixer which you should only put in easier to mix things, like ice cream and syrup. If you’re just going to be making milkshakes every now and again, then you could just go with a one-spindle mixer (a spindle is the mixing thing), or if you’re expecting crazy busy moments where your customers are screaming at you for more milkshakes, perhaps go with a three spindle milkshake mixer, for your own safety.

Anyway, if you’re not sure which commercial milkshake machine you should buy, give us a call and we’d love to help you out. If you want to tell us your secret rock-infused milkshake recipe, we’d love to hear about that too: 1-855-388-5999.
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