Modular Ice Machines

Modular ice machines have to be paired with an ice storage bin, which are typically sold separately. So for your convenience, we've made a list of compatible ice bins on each product's page, so you can easily select a bin to go with your ice machine. We'll list out the considerations you need to take into account when purchasing a modular ice machine:

First, look at how much ice can be produced by the machine daily. If the ice machine says "341 lb." that means that over 24 hours it can produce up to 341 pounds. This number is an approximation though: it depends on the temperature of your location, which can affect ice production. If you're ice machine will be placed in a hot room, or if the water running to the machine is warm, you should probably try to get an ice machine that has a higher output.

The second consideration is ice type: There are four main types of ice: Cube, Flake, Nugget, and Gourmet. Each of these will have some variations. For instance, you can get half size of full size cubes. And Gourmet style ice can come in a number of different shapes and sizes. If you want to know what exactly the ice will look like for your modular ice machine, just click on its page, and there should be photos there for you.

The final consideration is what kind of cooling you want to have. Air cooling is the most popular. It's easy to install and these items are usually in stock. Air blows over the components to lower the temperature. These can be a bit noisier though and increase the temperature in your room. Water cooled use running water to cool your machine, but this can really affect your water bill unless you have a closed-loop system that recycles water.

If you've got any questions about which modular ice machine you should buy, just give us a call or send us an email, and we'd be happy to help.
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