One Compartment Sinks

A one compartment sink can be useful to have in any commercial kitchen or restaurant in Canada, either for washing produce or dishes. These are most often found in smaller kitchens that are tight in space. For larger compartment sinks, check out 2 compartment sinks or 3 compartment sinks.

These sinks are used for a number of reasons. You could use a one compartment sink as a rinsing sink, before your dishes go into a dishwasher or another wash sink. Or you could use it for cleaning off vegetables or fruits, which is why these are often call prep sinks, or vegetable prep sinks. 

There are a few considerations before you buy a commercial sink. You will want to know the dimensions of the "compartment," which is different than the dimensions of the overall sink. It refers to just the dimensions of the bowl itself. Think about the largest items you'll be washing in your sink, and then you'll be able to choose a compartment size accordingly. Are you just going to be washing glasses and plates? Well, a small compartment should work fine. Or are you going to be rinsing huge pots and pans? Well, a larger compartment would be best then.

You'll be able to select the compartment size on the actual product page, so click on the product to see all the comparment sizes. Same with drainboards: certain restaurants will want one compartment sinks with drainboards, to have a convenient place to put their dishes. You'll also be able to select these options on the product page.

Finally, when choosing a one compartment sink, take a look at what the gauge is. If it is a higher gauge, like 18 gauge, then the stainless steel will be thinner. If it's 14 or 16 gauge, then the stainless steel will be thicker and it'll be better for heavy duty usage.

If you're not sure which one compartment sink to buy, then just give us a call and we'd be happy to help you out.
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