Oneida GFCR-189 - Fryer Filter Holder

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The Oneida GFCR-189 is a cone shaped fryer filter holder. It's made of chrome-plated steel. The dimensions are 18" x 9.5".

Fryer filters are an integral part of the frying process, because the quality of your oil will directly impact the flavour of your food. As you fry your food, sediment will be left behind, which can not only change the flavour but change the temperature of your oil.

The fryer filter holder is meant to fit over a stockpot that you would place under your fryer. Simply open the drainage valve, and the oil will drain through the filter and into the stockpot. Any sediment will be caught in the filter, and the leftover oil is fit to be reused!

      • An integral part of the manual filtering process
      • Cone-shaped
      • Constructed of chrome-plated steel
      • 18" x 9.5" 
      • Meant to fit over a stockpot placed under a fryer


Model GFCR-189
Brand Oneida
Dimensions 18" x 9.5"