Oneida MAG7650 - Steel Ice Cream Spade

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This Oneida ice cream spade consists of a one-piece steel blade with a black plastic handle. It's just over 8.5" long, and the blade is about 3" at its widest point with a slight curve to it.

An ice cream spade is a great addition to any ice cream establishment, whether it be your main gig or something that you're looking to break into. Since ice cream scoops are round it can be hard to scrape ice cream from the sides or bottom of the container with them. This is where ice cream spades come in. They're curved and sharp -- perfect for getting into those hard-to-reach places!

      • Constructed of one-piece stainless steel
      • Sharpened edge
      • Dimensions (L) 8.5" long
      • Great for experienced or novice scoopers


Brand Oneida / Magnum
Model MAG7650
Dimensions (L) 8.5"