Oneida MPW-24 - 24" Wood Mixing Paddle

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The Oneida MPW-24 is a commercial wood mixing paddle meant for heavy-duty stirring. It's 24 inches long, and the edge of the paddle is 3/4 inches thick, so you couldn't use a tool like you would a pizza paddle.

Heavy-duty stirring jobs include mixing dough or a large pot of soup or stew. The benefits of using a wood paddle is that it won't get hot. Additionally, you won't have to worry about scraping the bottom of the pot or bowl since the tip and sides are sanded smooth. And since it's wood, the paddle can become seasoned by certain ingredients and frequent use, which is desirable for certain cuisines.

      • Meant for heavy-duty stirring
      • 24" long; paddle is 3/4" thick
      • Keeps user at a safe distance from food being mixed
      • Won't get hot like stainless steel
      • Won't scratch or knick pots thanks to sanded edges
      • Can become seasoned 
      • Won't change the colour of your food


Brand Oneida
Model MPW-24
Dimensions (L) 24" 
Blade Dimensions (W) 3.5"  
Thickness 3 mm