Pizza Display Warmers – 4-tiers

Pizza display warmers are great for merchandising and warming your pizzas (or other items like warm sandwiches). They are ideal at the front of the store in self serve or quick-serve establishments so your customers get to see your yummy pizzas up close and personal. Pizza displays warmers don't need to be confined to just displaying pizzas. As long as the item can fit, you can also display all kinds of foods.

Controlled humidity can be a large factor when deciding on a pizza display warmer. Controlled humidity (as opposed to a dry heat) will keep your pizzas and food looking and tasting fresh for a long period of time.

You need to choose between a full service unit or self serve unit. Full service means the employee will serve the customer, and self serve means the customers will serve the food to themselves. This will ultimately depend on what type of establishment you have and what type of customer flow you want. Note that some pizza displays can be customized, and that if they are full service they may have self service as an option.

Finally, it is important to know the dimensions of the pizza display warmers. The external dimensions will dictate if it will fit on your counter, and the internal rack dimensions will dictate the size of the pizzas you can merchandise.

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