Poly Top Work Tables

Think about this: if you have a poly top work table in your kitchen, you won't have to lug out a cutting board every time you want to cut up some vegetables or meat. Instead, your whole table is a cutting board! That's why many delis, sandwich places, and restaurants across Canada love poly top work tables -- it can really become a key prep area in your kitchen. Your whole work surface becomes a cutting board -- how cool is that!

The poly tops on these tables are going to be pretty heavy duty. It's probably not going to be the thing where you need to keep purchasing a new poly top board every year. No, these things are commercial grade, so they should be able to last for many years. You can get the cutting board in different thicknesses, either 0.75" thick or 1" thick.

The tables themselves are made of sturdy stainless steel. Undershelves can be great places to keep your knives, dry ingredients, or other prep equipment. A backsplash can also be a nice addition, so that you're not splashing a bunch of gunk against the wall.

If you're not sure which poly top work table you should buy, give us a call and we'd love to help you out! :)
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