Polycarbonate Food Pans

Polycarbonate food pans are primarily used for ingredient storage or for use in prep tables and pizza prep tables. We carry a big range of sizes and depths, and it's recommended to keep a variety of different ones on hand for different contents. Something you go through a lot of in a short period of time would be better in a large pan, for example, where a small pan would be reserved for less-used ingredients or garnishes to avoid prepped food sitting around for longer than it should.

These items are kept in stock and ready to ship at our locations, but feel free to contact us if you have any questions about how many or what sizes you should have for your particular setup. Every kitchen has different needs, and we want you to get the best fit for yours! These are commercial-grade food pans, so you can trust that they are designed specifically for restaurants and commercial kitchens.

We also carry metal food pans if you're looking for those instead of polycarbonate ones. Metal is more suited to hot prep tables and chafing dishes.
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