Portion Scoops & Dishers

Portion scoops and dishers are an essential tool for cafeterias, catering venues, restaurant buffets, and many other foodservice operations. Sometimes referred to as spoodles, these portion scoops come in a variety of portion sizes, as well as two types: solid of perforated. Solid portion scoops are great for crumbly foods, like hamburger or peas, whereas perforated scoops are ideal for food that carries excess water or grease.

Another important part of portion scoops is their handle colour. These colours are virtually universal, meaning they stand for specific portion sizes. They also help your staff quickly identify the portion sizes needed in the kitcken or buffet line. This is especially important in environments like a care home where a nutritionist may have specific portioning guidelines.

We also have a disher. Though it looks like an ice cream scoop, we assure you: it is not for scooping ice cream. The disher has a thin band that helps it cut through consistencies similar to mashed potatoes, not ice cream. If it is used for ice cream there's a chance the band could break.

Lastly, the majority of these portion scoops and dishers are manufactured by Browne Foodservice. They're known for their quality-make and affordable price point. Our team of experts has gone through and specifically selected the most essential options. We keep all these items in stock and ready-to-ship nationwide.
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