Pre Rinse Faucets

Commercial foodservice establishments like kitchens or cafeterias will benefit greatly from having pre-rinse faucets on hand to spray down and wash dirty dishes, drinkware, and cutlery. Sometimes called pre-rinse spray valves or even just pre-rinses, the main difference between a pre-rinse faucet and a regular one is its high concentration of power in its water pressure. This distinction not only saves some time but a lot of water.

Having a high concentration of water spraying out of the faucet onto food grime is an easy solution to scrubbing it away by hand. And as the name implies, more dishwashing is expected to follow a pre-rinse either by hand or a dishwasher. A pre-rinse alone is not enough to clean perfectly clean dishes. Pre-rinses can use hot or cold water: many of the taps have two handles, one for each temperature.

Many pre-rinse faucets have an extended long neck and pull-out design, meaning the user can take the spray valve directly in their hand and move it around as need be, rather than moving the dish around under the running water. This option means you can have one hand on the dish and one hand on the faucet, giving you more control. For maximum output, pull-out taps like these can be used in conjunction with foot or knee pedals.

One other helpful feature to know about is that some pre-rinse faucets have various spray patterns to better accommodate your specific cleaning needs, such as a large single stream versus multiple thin streams. 
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