Professional Cookware

Professional cookware includes all your basic commercial pots and pans that you would need to run a commercial kitchen. These are commercial-grade, designed specifically for restaurants, hotels, long-term care homes, and more. While these can be used at home, these are designed specifically for commercial usage.

You don't want to be using residential-quality pots and pans in your commercial kitchen: everything from the material itself to how the handles are rivetted: these things need to be designed for commercial usage. There is a big difference between using a frying pan a few times a week, and using it every day all day! While nothing lasts forever, this cookware is designed to withstand the rigours of near-constant use.

And we have tried to curate a list of the best cookware for your selection: we're not going with the absolute most expensive cookware, nor are we getting bottom of the barrel cookware that can't be relied on. We've focused on having a solid, basic selection of the essentials at a reasonable price. And we've tried to cover all of the basics of your standard cookware that you'd need. These items are also all in stock (unless noted as being sold out).

There are a lot of professional cookware brands out there, and we stock a few different, but one of our favourites is Browne. They've been in the foodservice business in Canada for a long time, and specialize in quality, affordable smallwares. So we think you'll be happy with the quality and affordability of Browne items.

If you're needing a little bit of guidance on what cookware you need, what size, or how many, feel free to give us a call, email us, or live chat: we've got experienced and helpful customer service and sales reps ready to answer your questions!
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