Proofers & Holding Cabinets

If you’ve got a bakery in Canada, or if you want to make fresh dough for bread, dinner rolls, or pastries, you’ll need to have a proofer on hand. There are three primary different types of proofers you can buy: the standard proofer, the proofer holding cabinet, and the retarder proofer (which has a refrigeration system). All of these will help you bring your dough to the ideal temperature and humidity for dough to rise before you bake it.

Proofers also comes in a variety of styles: you can get a reach in proofer, a roll in proofer, or a pass through proofer.

A roll-in proofer cabinet allows you to roll in a full rack of pans. This can save you a lot of time, rather than having to load up your proofer with individual pans. This will also save you money with your energy bill. Rather than keeping your proofer open while you load it up, you just have to push in the pan rack and you’re done. These proofers come in one, two, and three sections, depending on how busy your kitchen is.

A retarder proofer is a refrigerator and proofer all in one nifty cabinet. This will keep your dough at a safe and ideal temperature, and then proof the dough. You can preset many different proofing times, if you’re doing bagels or bread dough, and you can preset when you’d like to have the proofing begin. These retarder proofers usually allow you to roll-in the pans as well.

Finally, we have proofer/holding cabinets. As the name suggests, these proofers also double as holding cabinets, so once your dough has been proofed, the unit will keep your dough at the ideal holding temperature, until you take it for baking.

There are various sizes of these proofer cabinets, depending on your needs. There are countertop and full size models available, which will depend on whether you have high or low volume needs. You can order proofers in half-height, 3/4 height, or full-height.

If you’re unsure which proofer cabinet you should buy, give us a call. We have over 30 years of experience selling to bakeries, so we’re really experts when it comes to this stuff. Give us a call at 1-855-388-5999 and we’d be happy to help.
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