Rational iCombi Classic - Combi Oven with Manual Controls

It's hard to explain how much a RATIONAL can transform your kitchen without seeing one in action: we'd encourage you to contact us to view a live or virtual demo, or come into one of our stores to test out your products in our RATIONAL test kitchen. Contact us and we'd love to explain how a RATIONAL can reshape your kitchen.

The Rational iCombi Classic is made for those who want a manually-operated, classic combi-steamer. It comes with all the essential cooking capabilities — steam, convection, combi-steam, and a special finishing mode. With it, you'll find yourself saving on energy, resource consumption, and time.

It features all of the quality workmanship and service that the Rational iCombi Pro has, but puts you in the driver seat. Our rule of thumb for when to go with a iCombi Pro versus and iCombi Classic is this: if you're cooking fewer than 6 items, you might be better off with the Classic, but if you're cooking more than 6 items, you're probably better off with the Pro.

The reason being: when you're dealing with a large variety of items, that's when the advanced virtual assistant of the Pro model will really shine, but if you're only cooking a few different items, then the simplicity of the Classic is what you'll be looking for. The smallest model is called the "CombiMaster Plus XS," but the whole line is called the "iCombi Classic" series. 

      • The best combi oven for those who like to perform individual kitchen operations manually
      • Internal boiler gives greater cabinet consistency than steam injection
      • Boiler also gives you control over the temperature of the steam, which gives you an incomparable level of control
      • Energy Star Certified
      • Grills, bakes, fries, and steams
      • 30° Celsius to 300° 
      • Activate dehumidification for great crusts
      • Self-cleaning, with an overnight mode


Two years parts and labour. Five year warranty on the steam generator.