Rational 56.00.562 - Combi Oven Delimer Tabs - 100 Pack

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Rational's delimer tabs, designed for their ovens, are simple to use and have been developed by Rational with special scale-dissolving ingredients to prevent limescale buildup and guarantee maximum operational reliability without a water softener or more time-consuming descaling. Simply place one tablet in the drain basket of your Rational oven and run the cleaning cycle through per your machine's instructions.

While these tabs are effective in removing buildup from ovens, they aren't meant for general cleaning. If that is something you're looking for, we also carry Rational's oven cleaner tabs. People often will run one cycle with the cleaner, then follow with one cycle with the delimer when needed. Keep in mind that cleaner is used much more often.

      • Formulated with special scale-dissolving ingredients
      • Great for locations with hard or low-quality water
      • Formulated for SelfCookingCenter and CombiMaster ovens
      • Comes in a pail of 100 individually wrapped tablets


Model 56.00.562
Compatible with SelfCookingCenter and CombiMaster ovens
Brand Rational
Quantity 100