Reach In Coolers

Reach in coolers can be found in any restaurant, institution, or foodservice establishment across Canada. These machines are designed specifically for endurance, and to protect against food poisoning. If you are looking for a commercial refrigerator with a glass door, look in our display refrigerator section.

Solid door reach in coolers are the most common commercial refrigerator on the market. Solid doors are generally less expensive than glass doors. They are also more energy efficient because they can hold their temperature better. However, if your employees are always counting stock, a glass door may be more energy efficient because the door can be opened less.

The location of the compressor is also a important consideration with reach in refrigerators. There are pros and cons to having the compressor on the top and on the bottom.

Bottom mounted compressors are better for hot environments. The temperature of rooms will naturally be colder near the floor, so the bottom mounted compressor won't have to work so hard to keep cool. If you are in a dusty environment or if there is a lot of flour (like in a bakery), you should consider going with a top mounted compressor. Reach in refrigerators with bottom compressors are more likely to collect this dust and clog up the compressor.

Bottom compressors may also seep some warm air into your reach in cooler when the door is open. Although, reach in refrigerators with bottom compressors are usually better for your back. The extra height added to the bottom of the refrigerator because of the compressor stops you from having to bend down so far.

The downsides to a reach in cooler with a top mounted compressor are that they can be harder to service. A technician will have to be able to reach up into the compressor, and this can be a hassle, depending on your location. Top mounted compressors can also be a bit harder to keep clean.

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