Reach In Freezers

Reach in freezers are found in most foodservice operations across Canada, and there are a number of consideration to make before your purchase. Firstly, the direction the door swings open is something to be aware of. You don't want to door slowing down your workflow by opening in an undesirable direction.  If you're looking for glass door freezers, check out our merchandiser freezer section.

Reach in freezers are either mounted on castors or legs. Castors make it easier to move, which is especially nice if you need to quickly get to the back of the machine. Most caster will come equipped with locks, so the machine won't roll around.

When looking at the dimensions of the machine, be sure to account for a couple extra inches as you need to allow proper air flow. If the back coils do not get proper air, it can burn out the compressor.

Solid door freezers are more energy efficient than glass door freezers, as they have more insulation. However, glass door freezers allow you to check inventory without opening the door.

There are different ways to look at buying a top or bottom mount unit, and it may just come down to preference. One rule of thumb is that bottom mount units are better in hot environments (heat won't rise into the compressor) and in environments with little flour or dust that could get into the compressor. Top mount units are more efficient in cooler environments (little heat to rise into the compressor) and they can handle a greater amount of dust, being further from the floor.

Another way to look at it is that top mount units are just generally more efficient, because no heat will seep from the compressor into the refrigerated section when the door is open. But, bottom mount units can save back pain (as the lowest shelf will be higher than it would on a top mount unit) and the compressor is easier to clean and perform maintenance on.
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