Restaurant Chairs

These are commercial-quality restaurant chairs that are a standard height, which means an adult's legs will reach the floor while sitting on it opposed to a taller bar-height stool. These are indoor chairs, but we also have furniture for outdoor seating available.These are indoor chairs, but we also have furniture for outdoor seating available. We also have outdoor restaurant chairs available.

When selecting restaurant chairs, some aspects are universal, for example - being easy to clean. There is no advantage to you if seats are tricky to keep clean. Another universal aspect of selecting the best chairs is their durability - no one benefits from weak or easily breakable seating. Because these are commercial quality, they've been designed to fit both these criteria. They should all be durable and easy to clean.

But on the other hand, something like the softness of a seat can affect the dining experience - chairs can help consumers feel at ease so they'll stay for a while, but maybe you run a quick-paced bar and don't want patrons to stay for an extended period of time. Chairs can have solid wood or metal seats, or something softer like vinyl; again, it all depends on your establishment's tone, speed of service, and overall feel.

It's best to pick whatever matches your style closest in terms of colours and materials. Stackable restaurant chairs are also something to be considered - not all restaurant chairs can be stacked. Some chairs require assembly and some don't. Also, make sure to check the width of your doorways before ordering. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like some help when placing an order.
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Other Restaurant Seating

Bar Stools

Restaurant bar chairs that are a bit taller than a regular chair for bar-height tables or bars.

Outdoor Restaurant Seating

These are restaurant patio chairs. They are commercial-grade seats, to withstand the wear and tear of a restaurant's patio.

Restaurant High Chairs

These commercial high chairs are designed to be safe, wobble-free, and easy to clean.

Folding Tables & Chairs

These are commercial-grade folding tables and folding chairs for restaurants and hospitality customers.