Commercial Descaler For Restaurant Equipment - 4L

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Bebbington's descaler removes buildup from low-quality and hard water. Equipment like dishwashers, coffee machines, steamers, and others that use a lot of water can be flushed with this product. Simply run the equipment with the descaler and some water, then 4-5 more times with just water to ensure all the product is rinsed before using the equipment again.

Established in 1991, Bebbington Industries is the leading cleaning product and chemical manufacturer in Atlantic Canada. In 1996, they were the first company to receive EcoLogo certification for cleaning products. Their sustainability programs have been recognized by a national award from The Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment and by the Eco-Efficiency Centre of Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

      • Cleans limescale and calcium buildup from equipment, prolonging its lifespan
      • Easy to use
      • For locations with hard water or low-quality water
      • EcoLogo certified for environmental friendliness
      • Comes in a 4L (1.06 gal) jug


Type Descaling Solution
Brand Bebbington Industries
Quantity 4 liters