Commercial Dishwashing Machine Detergent for Hard Water

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Bebbington's Excell'N is a powerful yet economical detergent for both low-temp and high-temp dishwashers. If you have hard or low-quality water, this detergent will prevent build-up in your machine and lines, increasing their longevity and effectiveness. Removing limescale and calcium build-up can be time-consuming and expensive, so this product is a great help.

It uses only 10-12 ml per cycle in low-temp machines, but dishes come out sparkling clean every time. We have 4L (1.06 gal) and 20L (5.3 gal) jugs available, so which one you choose is really up to how many dishes your business washes. 4L jugs are lighter and easier to switch out, but 20L jugs need to be replaced less often. If you don't operate in an area with poor water quality or hard water (limescale and calcium) we recommend you check out the MDW Ultra. It has the same function as this product but is made for soft/regular water.

Established in 1991, Bebbington Industries is the leading cleaning product and chemical manufacturer in Atlantic Canada. In 1996, they were the first company to receive EcoLogo certification for cleaning products. Their sustainability programs have been recognized by a national award from The Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment and by the Eco-Efficiency Centre of Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

      • Made for low-temp and high-temp dishwashers
      • Prevents limescale and calcium build-up
      • Not meant for washing by hand
      • EcoLogo certified for environmental friendliness
      • Comes in a 4L (1.06 gal) or 20L (5.3 gal) jug


Type Low temp or high temp dishwashers
Brand Bebbington Industries
Quantity 4 or 20 litres