Restaurant Knives

These restaurants knives have been designed specifically for commercial kitchens: whether that's in a restaurant, a school cafeteria, hospital, or any food-processing facility. They are designed to last when being used all day every day. Very often residential knives just won't last long enough. We've made sure to select quality knives at a price that isn't going to make you want to punch a wall. We keep these restaurant knives in stock in Canada and ready to ship today.

Most of our knives come from the brand Taylor. We've chosen this brand because of their mix of quality and value. They are rugged and good quality: the handles are soft and ergonomic and the blades are made of a German steel which is easy to keep sharp over long periods of time. These are not hand-crafted knives forged in a fiery mountain in Japan that'll make you have to remortgage your house. Instead, what we carry is your standard, good-quality commercial kitchen knife that will last you for years in your commercial kitchen.

We've got all of the essential knives that you'd want for your restaurant: the most popular would be the chef's knife. This is going to be your multi-purpose knife that you are going to use for most of your tasks. If you're looking for an Asian-equivalent, you can check out our Santoku knife, which is a Japanese-style chef's knife. And we've got all of your odds and ends like kitchen utility knives, bread knives, and paring knives. For most of these knives we've just got one option, which we'd call a "better" option, on a "good, better, best" scale of quality. However, for our paring knives and chef's knives we've also got some alternates if you're looking for something a bit cheaper or a bit fancier.
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