Restaurant Patio Tables

If you're going to have outdoor tables at your restaurant, they need to be sturdy, durable, and easy to move around. And they need to handle harsh weather conditions like rain, wind, animals, leaves, ice, and snow to name a few, and of course, humans. If so, they'll need to be strong enough to handle those conditions. We've picked these restaurant patio tables to be high-quality, affordable, and stylish picks for your outdoor seating.

We don't sell residential-strength furniture, we sell furniture that will last. Commercial-grade tables like those from Grosfillex brand are made specifically for use in commercial settings like a restaurant, hotel, bar, or resort. The tables or chairs you would buy from a general retailer will likely be selling products for backyard use and will not last or withstand the typical wear and tear experienced in the commercial world.

Some commercial tables have the durability to withstand chlorine and salt air, which is a great help for hotel pool areas, resorts, or anywhere that's near water when you want something long-lasting. Check product details or contact us to learn more.

We have different designs available - low sidetables, round dinner tables, and more. Some have flat tops, some have slat tops. They're available in a variety of colours as well to match your establishment's signature look. But we offer a lot of white, taupe, and sand-coloured options which typically go well with anything.

Canadians love eating outside in the summertime season, but our country has a long winter, so if you have outdoor furniture, you'll have to store it away for a while, so make sure you have enough space. Some tables come apart for easier storage and transport, and of course, make sure that they will fit through your doorways, so measure first!

Please note, many of these commercial patio table options are sold in bulk quantities such as 4 or 16, meaning they are sold in lots. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch and let us know.
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