Restaurant Steam Tables

Steam tables are the final frontier, so to speak, where the kitchen meets the dining area, where the food meets the plates! These are singular units for all your needs when serving hot foods directly to customers. Steam tables are units for holding warm or hot foods for an extended period of time at a safe serving temperature. They're great pieces of equipment for buffet lines, care homes, hotels, conference centres, or cafeterias and are available in a variety of sizes depending on the scale of your operation and customer base. They can also be called buffet tables.

We have restaurant buffet tables with up to 5 wells, for maximum scale and food variety. Make sure to get food pans that will fit the tables accordingly. They can be ordered with many accessories such as sneeze guards, food pans, and casters. Most steam tables produce dry heat, so if you would like wet heat, you'll need a water pan.

You can also take your hot food on the go with Suzy Q Carts, which are a mobile solution to serving guests in care homes, hospitals, and more. This system with caster wheels allows you to take food directly to those being served, who can then choose how much they would like to eat; plus the meal is as fresh as possible when they get it delivered right to their tables. These units save money and time, and can improve the relationship between staff and residents.

Please feel free to get in contact with us to learn more about the final frontier of hot food service - steam tables.
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