Restaurant Strainers

All the strainers that fit in this category are pretty unique. We have traditional strainers, skimmers, collanders, and more. All strainers in this collection are designed to be used in a commercial kitchen. They have been hand picked by our team of experts. Many of these strainers are manufactured by Browne Foodservice equipment, which is known for its quality and affordable price point.

The traditional strainers come in a variety of capacities and with double or medium mesh. What mesh you choose should depend on what you need to strain. For example, if you're straining broth that may have tiny bits of bone, you'll probably want to go with the finest mesh you can get. Another type of traditional strainer would be the china cap strainer. China cap strainers are meant for fine straining, and are used with a wooden pestle to help strain out thicker foods.

A culinary basket is meant for blanching or frying foods. Skimmers come in a square or circle shape and are meant for taking foam of the surface of boiling liquids. And last but not least, we carry collanders, which are best for rinsing fruit and or vegetables in a sink. We keep all of these utensils in stock and ready-to-ship Canada wide.
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