Restaurant Tables

Restaurant Table Tops

We've got a huge variety of commercial tabletops: we have wooden tabletops, laminate, granite -- you name it!

Restaurant Table Bases

A table base fits underneath a table top. Otherwise the table top would just be lying on the floor.

Folding Tables & Chairs

These are commercial-grade folding tables and folding chairs for restaurants and hospitality customers.

Restaurant Patio Tables

This section includes both patio table tops, table bases, as well as one-piece units and outdoor side tables for lounges.

If you serve food, you need tables. Some restaurant tables come pre-assembled, and some don't. The benefit for table tops without bases is that you get to choose the base, column, and top to match your style and meet your establishment's specific needs.

Knowing the layout and space gives you the ability to choose the best options. If you run a fast-paced coffee shop, you're more likely to want round tables. Why? Because round tables take up less space, hint at quicker sit-downs due to their smaller size, and look organized no matter how they're aligned (opposed to square or rectangular options which need a grid or symmetry to look right).

However, a lot of this depends on your particular establishment and the style you're going for. So don't worry about picking the "right" table: it really comes down to what you want and what will work in your particular establishment.

Larger tables with right-angle corners give more space for more food more people. This is the better choice if you run a steakhouse. A bigger table works if you expect patrons to stay longer and hopefully order more drinks or snacks.

The more practical aspects of setting up a table are its column and base. Multiple bases are recommended if your table is longer than 5 or 6 feet. Many think circular tables look better with circular bases and right-angle tables look better with cross-shaped bases. Style is a matter of preference, but stability is paramount. Circular bases have more ground contact points, but take up more floor space. This can be a challenge for customers with disabilities.

Folding tables and chairs provide a great pragmatic alternative if you don't necessarily run a restaurant, but want something that is easy to set up, easy to store, and easy to transport. These would be suited for use in care homes, schools, conference centres, community centres, and more. They are durable and only take up a fraction of the storage space that wooden or metal tables and chairs do. Their widths are reduced to only a few inches when folded up.

We also have outdoor furniture and outdoor tables available.