Restaurant Tabletop Accessories

Tabletop accessories are front-of-house objects that your customers might need while eating at your restaurant. This include sauces cups, squeeze bottles, ramekins, and napkin dispensers. All of our items are commercial-quality designed for usage in commercial food establishments, whether that's a restaurant, nursing home, cafeteria, or diner. Our experts have chosen these items because of their balance between quality and price-point. Most of our clients are looking for good-quality stuff that they can rely on, but they don't want to break the bank.

We try to keep all of these items in stock all of the time and ready to ship out from our warehouse. We might not have fifty different styles of squeeze bottles or high chairs, but the ones we do stock are being used at almost all restaurants anyway, because they are reliable and a good price point.

Sometimes "tabletop" items wouldn't be categorized all "smallwares." Very often the term "smallwares" is used to refer to kitchen tools, or back-of-house small appliances, whereas these accessories are meant for front-of-house usage. But we like to keep things simple, so we've put this section into our smallwares section, and hey, these items are small.
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