Restaurant Tongs

Tongs are an essential tool for many commercial kitchens. They come in a variety of different styles and are tailor-made for specific uses. Most of them are constructed with stainless steel or silicones to withstand high temperatures and daily, frequent use.

Standard tongs include one-piece stainless steel tongs with pvc-coated handles. Different handle colours will help your staff quickly identify which tong is to be used where without the risk of contamination. If that's not an issue for you, then the plain stainless steel tongs with a spring hinge may do. We also carry spaghetti tongs (really the best option for portioning spaghetti). Silicone tongs are best for handling food that changes colour when touched by metal. Precision or pom tongs are best for decorating or doing smaller tasks (e.g. putting jalapenos on a hamburger, ice into glasses, etc.)

All of these tongs have been handpicked by experts with years of experience in the restaurant industry. The reason they're here is because they believe in them, and they have been considered popular to many customers over the years. We keep these items in stock and ship Canada-wide.
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