Robot-Coupe Juicer
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Robot Coupe J 100 Ultra - Commercial Juicer with Pulp Ejection - 1.3 HP

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Robot Coupe's J 100 Ultra is a great, tabletop juicer for those who intensively juice in their food service operation. Whether it's whole fruits or vegetables, the J 100 Ultra does it all. And despite having electric elements, you can rest assured knowing your juice will not be heated. This helps to preserve both the nutrients and antioxidants of your original produce.

Additionally, the J100 Ultra has low noise levels. So, you can blend juice in front of your customers without compromising the atmosphere of your establishment. However, though the J 100 Ultra is quiet, it doesn't compromise on power. The motor is commercial-grade with a stainless steel base, and it operates at a speed of 3,450 RPM with 1.3 HP -- perfect for intensive use. And as a bonus, the motor speed slows-down the oxidization process, which basically means your juice will stay smoother and flavourable for longer periods.

This juicer's hopper is considered to be "large feed", with an opening the size of 79 mm. You can place multiple items in at the same time, creating a bit of a buffer between loading so you won't halt your workflow. The pulp collector is large as-well, and sits at 7 litres. This will prevent pulp from splashing onto the worktop, and further cutback on manual service time.

The usable height of this juicer is 10". This means that it's able to fit a standard blender bowl under the spout. The juicer basket can also be easily removed -- no tools required. This makes the machine easy to clean.

      • Juices both whole fruits and vegetables
      • Preserves antioxidants and nutrients by not heating your juice
      • Low noise levels
      • 1.3 HP engine for intensive use
      • Speed of 3,450 RPM
      • Large feed opening of 79 mm
      • 7 litre pulp collector
      • Removable juice basket


Model J100 Ultra
Dimensions (WDH) 9.2" x 21" x 23.5"
Power 1.3 HP
Voltage 230v, 1 Phase
Watts 1,000
Speed 3450 RPM
Weight 35 lb
Output 160 litres/hour
Usable Height 10" under the spout


One year limited warranty.