Rotisserie Ovens

What’s more appealing than seeing a chicken spin around in circles? People love it! These rotisserie ovens really add a visual appeal to your slow-cooked chickens or kebabs, so you'll find these in grocery stores all across Canada. You’ll have to get your mop out because your customers are going to be salivating too much. These ovens don’t just cook your meat, but they help you sell your meat too!

These rotisserie ovens will give you a consistent and even cooked meat. Your chickens will be heated radiantly from burners or elements throughout the oven, and the rotation will keep them even throughout. The rotation also avoids there being dry spots in your meat (the juices keep flowing when the chickens are spinning).

The ovens will cook your meat at a higher temperature and then hold them at a lower temperature, so you can cook and then hold them there. Because of this and because they are great at merchandising your meat, you’ll find rotisserie ovens in big grocery stores and supermarkets, and smaller convenience stores. They are great for adding to your impulse purchases.
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