Shake Freezers

These shake freezers are a perfect way to add some milkshakes to your business. These are "ready to use" or "ready to serve" milkshake machines, as opposed to hand-spun milkshake machines. If you've got a fast food place, a diner, or a stall at a large stadium, one of these shake freezers can be a huge asset to your business. Shake freezers can be used in a variety of different ways: you could make thick milkshakes, or thin shakes, or something that is yogurt based. Different freezers will have different capabilities. Some freezers will let you do smoothies on one side and milkshakes on the other. These would be called "Combination machines."

Most of these machines are gravity fed, so you're going to be putting your mix and your ingredients on top, and then the machine and gravity will do the rest of the work: your product will easily mix down and freeze down, so you'll easily be able to extract your product. So these machines are perfect for medium to large scale establishments.

Why go with a shake freezer instead of a milkshake machine? Well, shake freezers are not nearly as labour intensive. You just put your ingredients in and you can easily make a wide variety of shakes. But a hand-spun mixer can have a certain 1950s-American-diner-charm, if you know what I mean. And with a hand spun mixer, you can really blend anything (gelato, sorbet, custard, frozen desert) because you're not putting ingredients inside of the machine. Some businesses will use both a shake freezer and a milkshake machine for their milkshakes. Each have their advantages!

If you're not sure which shake freezer you'd like to buy, just give us a call and we'd be more than happy to help out!
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