Shawarma Machines

A shawarma machine is also known as a vertical broiler. It broils meat on a rotating metal spike, that can be used for a gyro, doner kebab, or shawarma (or the Atlantic Canadian treat - the Donair). A gyro is a sandwich filled with shaved meat, which is usually beef but can also be chicken, lamb, or pork. A doner kebab (or donair) and shawarma are similar, but with slight variations.

One thing to consider before you purchase a shawarma machine is how heavy the meat will be. The spit has a certain weight rating for the meat, so it is very important to know the correct weight of the meat you'll be cooking, as you don't want to overload the machine. Once the meat is fully cooked, the machine acts as a warmer for the meat. Then the meat can be shaved as necessary. We also have gyro / kebab slicers here to do the meat shaving.

Learning about all these appliances and their instructions can be tricky, so please feel free to contact us if you would like any help!
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