Sheet Pan Racks – winco

Sheet pan racks, sometimes called sheet pan trolleys, rolling racks, or baking racks, are used in foodservice establishments such as restaurants and bakeries for both the transport and holding of sheet pans.

They consist of multiple tiers or shelves that can house up to 40 trays of goods if they're short like cookies. Taller goods will take up more space between pans. These racks have 4 castor wheels for easy maneuverability and a solid metal frame, usually stainless steel or aluminum to handle the rigorous environment they're used in. Most models are open on all sides, but some are completely enclosed with a swinging door like a refrigerator. Which model you should choose depends on how much air you want to get to your food products.

Benefits of a bun pan rack include it provides a massive amount of storage space for baking racks and trays, saving you valuable counterspace. Transport of a dozen or more racks would take an extensive amount of time if they were carried one at a time by hand, especially if it's a long distance; but a sheet pan rack provide a simple solution, specifically for moving sheet pans and their contents around. When large quantities of food products come out of the oven, they will need to cool, and a sheet pan rack is the place to do that as it provides even cooling.

Clear plastic covers are also available for some models to help protect against pests, spills, and unwanted humidity or temperature changes. Some sheet pan racks have rounded corners on top, which make putting a cover on much easier and it's less likely to tear.
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