Soup Kettles

Fun fact: soup kettles can hold a lot more than soup. They can hold gravy, sauces, dessert toppings -- and soup! When buying a soup kettle, the first thing to consider is how many delicious soups will you be serving and how much of each? This will impact how large of a soup warmer you need, or if you need to get multiple soup warmers. Looking for another way to hold and warm soup? Check out our countertop food warmers section.

These are mostly countertop models, but make sure you check out the measurements, as they can be much bigger than the pictures would make them look to be. Remember, these are commercial units: not some wimpy residential soup warmer! So they’re going to be big and tough. You may also want to have your soup kettle function as a merchandiser, in which case the style of the soup kettle will have a big impact: a plastic top that you can see into will probably be ideal for this.

There are two primary designs available: the round design, like our Nemco brand. These are very simple designs and usually used in the back of the house, in the kitchen. The other design is what’s called a kettle design: check out our Omcan soup kettles for these. They have a more vintage look to them and so you can use them at the front of the house (although they can also be used in the back of the house too).

If you’re not sure which soup kettle or soup warmer you should buy, just give us a call toll free at 1-855-388-5999 and we’d be happy to help you out. Plus we're Canadian, so we're friendly.
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