Spiral Mixers – bakemax

Spiral mixers are designed specifically for dough. They have a rotating bowl, stationary cutter bar, and a spiral dough hook. This makes them much faster (40% faster time for dough) than a planetary mixer and gives you a better developed dough over a planetary mixer. This is why you’ll find spiral mixers in bakeries, pizza shops, or other commercial foodservice establishments across Canada that want to produce large quantities of dough.

Through the mixing process in a spiral mixer, the air, water, and other ingredients are mixed uniformly and consistently throughout the dough. This brings a nicer texture to the dough and your pizza or bakery patrons will taste a far superior dough product.

Two speed operation and two timers allows the operator to set the proper mixing time. This allows the mixer to shift speed automatically from first to second speed without stopping the mixer to shift, and then at the exact time shift to second speed and then stop. Mixing for the precise time ensures that the dough is not over mixed or under mixed bringing consistent dough development each and every time. (These mix times can be adjusted by management depending on store temperature, humidity and time of year). This will also allow same store dough consistency and store to store dough consistency to ensure chain wide pizza or bread dough consistency. This also allows the operator to be doing other duties while the mixer is automatically doing its job. With a traditional planetary mixer the operator must return to the mixer once the mixer has shut down and change the speed, set the timer again and re engage the mixer.

We also recommend the use of a water meter. This allows the exact amount of water and the exact temperature necessary, again for proper development and consistency of dough. This also cuts out the physical aspect of staff bringing pails of water to the mixer or spilling water between the sink and the mixer, making it slippery and a dangerous situation for your staff.

We have removable bowl models as well. This allows the operator to have more then one bowl for the same mixer. This allows the operator to be able to remove a full bowl to a production area were it is being unloaded. This allows a second bowl to be employed to mix a second batch while the first bowl is being unloaded. This also increases dough production.
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