Stainless Steel Dish Cabinets

A stainless steel dish cabinet can be a great addition to any commercial kitchen. You're going to need to store your clean dishes, cups, and glasses somewhere! These are perfect for restaurants and foodservice establishment for a variety of reasons. You should know, these items are different from our work tables with bases, which are made to use as a prep area on top as well as having storage underneath.

They have been constructed with a high quality stainless steel, which means they can take a beating in a way that a residential cabinet could not. You'll be able to load these things up with all of your dishes in your restaurant, and they won't even start to buckle! Plus, they will be resistant to wear and tear.

We have a number of sizes of stainless steel dish cabinets available, so whether you have a big or small restaurant, you should be able to find a dish cabinet that is suitable for you. These have big, wide open cabinets, so your employees will be able to easily organize and access your dishes. Plus, the top of the dish cabinet can be another place to store your dishes (althought it's not really ideal as a prep area).

Many of our dish cabinets have been NSF approved. This means you won't have to be scared of the health inspector -- any dirt or grime that gets on your cabinet will be easy to wipe away, so your dishes can stay safe and clean.

If you're not sure which stainless steel dish cabinet you should buy for your restaurant, then just give us a call or send us an email, and we'd love to help you out!
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