Stainless Steel Folding Tables

Many catering businesses have stainless steel folding tables. Because they can fold up, this makes them convenient for storing and transporting. Even if you've got a number of tables, it's easy enough to slide these into the back of a van, and you're off. But they're also stainless steel, so they're going to be rugged, and you won't have to worry about one of these tables buckling on you or getting serious damage, like with a plastic folding table.

Caterers often use these stainless steel folding tables at weddings, banquets, or festivals, so they're super versatile. You could set one of these up in the kitchen area to use as a prep table, or you could cover it with table clothe and use it in the "front of house," as a buffet surface table.

These tables come in a number of widths, so whether you've got a small catering business or a large banquet hall, you should be able to find a table to right size for you. You can also get them with undershelves, which can be a convenient place to store prep equipment, so it's something to consider.

If you're not sure which stainless steel work table you should buy, just give us a call and we can help you out!
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