Crown ELT-F - Floor Model Tilting Electric Steam Kettle

Crown's ELT-F steam kettles are electric, tilting models, ASME Code stamped, National Board registered, c-CSA-us, and NSF certified. These units come in four sizes, holding 20-60 gallons (76-379 litres). A double-wall kettle interior forms a steam jacket around the entirety of the kettle.

These units operate in a temperature range of 165°-285°F (74°-140°C), are constructed of welded stainless steel (the interior lining standard 316 for high acid content cooking), and controls include a power switch, thermostat, pilot light, low water light, vacuum/pressure gauge, safety relief valve, and low water shut-off.

The kettle sits on a frame of stainless steel pipe fitted with four-hole adjustable feet for securing to the floor. The frame allows the kettle to pivot and tilt forward a full 90° for complete emptying.

      • Electric, self-generating closed steam system
      • Capacity options: 20, 25, 30, 40, 60, 80, 100 gallons
      • ASME Code, National Board, c-CSA-us, and NSF certified
      • Stationary body on three legs
      • 2" sanitary draw-off valve
      • Spring-assisted hinged stainless steel domed cover


Model Capacity Dimensions (WDH) Shipping Weight 
ELT-20F 20 gal 40.38" x 33.38" x 31.25" 340 lb
ELT-30F 30 gal 43.88" x 37.63" x 33.5" 402 lb
ELT-40F 40 gal 47.13" x 40.88" x 36.25" 500 lb
ELT-60F 60 gal 50" x 43.13" x 39.25" 610 lb


One year limited parts and labour warranty. For more information, click here.