Tandoor Ovens

Tandoor oven cooking has been around for a long time - and for good reason, too! These ovens work to preserve all the flavourings of your food while cooking, helping you to continually produce tasty results, whether it be meat, vegetables, or bread; and, as a result, they are a favourite addition to commercial kitchens Canada-wide.

At their most basic level, tandoori ovens are just a traditional clay pot. But unlike their historical counterparts, these modern ovens are gas powered and come with a sturdy stainless steel frame to prevent them from being damage. Also unlike their historical counterparts, these ovens come equipped with mobile casters, for easy transport and kitchen organization.

Though it is a given that tandoori ovens will crack or split over time, these ovens save you trouble by including extra clay with any purchase. Most tandoori ovens also come with 12 skewers for cooking either meat or vegetables, clay balls for even heat distribution, a gaddi for cooking naan, and a tawa hot plate.
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