Undercounter Dishwashers

Undercounter dishwashers are space saving units that are helpful in almost any food service establishment across Canada. You will have to chose between a high temperature machine and a low temperature machine.

Low temperature dishwashers are inexpensive, and will cost less because they rinse at a lower temperature.

High temperature undercounter dishwashers rinse water at about 180º - 195º F making them a more powerful cleaning machine at a slightly higher price tag.

Undercounter dishwashers usually have only one rack. A standard rack will hold roughly 18 plates or 36 glasses. An important purchasing consideration is how many racks are included in the machine, and what TYPE of racks. The dimension of the rack will also dictate how many items you can put in per load. You should also look at the height of the opening, looking to see if your tallest dishes will fit.

You need to calculate the amount of racks that are needed to be washed every hour. A good estimate is that roughly 35 racks of dishes are produced for every 100 meals.

These dishwashers fit underneath most standard counters, but it is also important to look at all of the dimensions, including knowing how far the door will open out. If you don't want to put these machines underneath a counter, stainless steel stands can be purchased for these, allowing you to raise the machines another 12".

Not sure which undercounter dishwasher you want to buy? Well give us a call or send us an email, and we’d be happy to help you pick out the best dishwasher for your commercial kitchen.
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