Used Restaurant Equipment




FAQ on Used Restaurant Equipment

How old is the equipment?

If we know the date of manufacturing, we usually include this in the product description. However, used restaurant equipment doesn't typically come with the exact date it was made. Sometimes we're able to ask the former owner about how old it is, or we can guesstimate based on the model. The age of the equipment isn't always the best question to ask, however. A better question to ask is the next one...

What condition is the used equipment in?

This is a more useful question to ask, rather than asking the age of the restaurant equipment. We try to be as upfront as possible and give an accurate description of the condition both inside and out, and whether replacement parts are still available. If you want more details on an item, you can call or email us.

What guarantee do I have that the equipment is going to work?

For your peace of mind, we offer an industry-leading 90 day warranty on most of our used equipment. We also take seriously the fact that every time we sell a piece of used equipment, our reputation is on the line. We don't want to sell you a bad piece of equipment, because it's not only bad for you, but it's bad for us too.

How do you service your equipment?

We have a team of professional service techs who are employed with us full-time. They inspect the equipment, looking for any damage or issues. Then they work on replacing items if necessary and servicing parts. Finally, after cleaning the item, they will perform tests on it: if it's a pizza oven, we'll run a few pizzas through it ourselves to see that it's cooking properly. Or if it's an ice-cream machine, we'll serve some soft serve for our staff to make sure it's working properly.

What if I'm a bit nervous about buying used equipment?

We definitely understand this. And to be upfront and honest, there is always a greater risk when buying used equipment, both for you and for us. If an item doesn't work as expected, it can end up costing us both money. That's why we try to be as upfront as possible about the items; that's why we service them thoroughly; and that's why we only sell the items that are worth selling. If you're still really nervous, you can always buy new restaurant equipment.

Do you buy used equipment?

Yes, sometimes. While we sell used equipment all across Canada, we typically only buy used equipment from the Atlantic provinces, because that is where our used equipment warehouse is located (our other warehouses across Canada only stock new items). If you'd like to sell us some used equipment, please email us a list of your items, takes photos of your items, and send us your pricing offer.

Is this all the used equipment you've got?

Not even close! We have a lot more used equipment in our warehouse that we haven't gotten around to putting on our online store yet. If you're looking for something specific but you don't see it here, contact us and we'll let you know if we have it.