Hydraulic Dough Divider - 20 Piece Capacity (Work in Progress)
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Hydraulic Dough Divider - 20 Piece Capacity (Work in Progress)

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This is a semi-automatic, hydraulic dough divider with a 20 piece capacity. Want to save time, reduce waste, and increase your profit? This hydraulic dough divider is the perfect solution. Instead of having to scale, say, twenty pieces of dough one at a time, simply take a 26.25 lb head of dough and place it in the machine. In seconds you'll have twenty pieces of dough at twenty-one ounces each -- perfect for moulding and shaping. Afterwards you just have to proof them and bake!

We have a lot of these models available and they're all of similar make, regardless of the brand. 

      • Both square and circle chambers available!
      • Hydraulic
      • 20 pc capacity


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