Utility Carts & Bussing Carts

In the world of commercial foodservice, you will probably need to move a lot of foodstuffs, waste, equipment, janitorial supplies, and more. A commercial-quality bussing or utility cart is one of the most versatile and universal solutions to heavy and monotonous lifting and carrying. It's the straightforward answer to clearing dishes and trash off of tables quickly and being able to move lots of stuff at once.

Keep the strain off of your and your employees' backs and use a cart like one of these to improve health, save time, and increase efficiency. Utility and bussing carts would be suited for use in restaurants, diners, bakeries, foodservice plants, schools, care homes, warehouses, and anywhere you need to transport bulk goods.

We have carts with a variety of sizes, weight capacities, and more. There are a few different categories in this collection: Bussing carts, usually made of steel or plastic, are for staff to transport clean-up supplies; remove or place flatware, drinkware, and dishes; and other general maintenance duties.

Utility / stocking trolleys or carts, usually made of aluminum, steel, or similar grade metal, are for transporting larger quantities of supplies such as boxes or heavy bags and bringing new equipment in or taking old equipment out of the kitchen.

Dish rack caddies and dollies, usually made from plastic or stainless steel, can transport hundreds of dishes at a time for your convenience and speed of service. We also have a pallet jack with a weight capacity of 5,500 pounds and a food preparation table cart for mobile prep work.

Please make sure to consider your business' work environment and conditions when selecting which cart(s) would be best suited for you and your workforce. If you'd like any help or further information, please contact us to learn more about the world of utility and bussing carts. We'd be happy to help!
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