Vollrath JT2 - Commercial Conveyor Toaster

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The Vollrath JT2 and JT2H are toasters that feature easy-to-use conveyor controls and can toast anywhere from 300 to 800 slices per hour. In this series, there are two main options you get to choose from: the voltage, and the product opening height.

You can choose from 120v, 208v, or 240v, with the higher the voltage, the more output you have. And you can choose between two different product opening sizes: the JT2 has a 1.5" product opening, which is perfect for standard bread. And the JT2H has an adjustable 1.5"-3" product opening, which is perfect for standard breads, specialty breads, buns, and bagels.

These machines are intended for medium-volume applications. If you're looking for a model that has a one-sided toasting option and has a slighter higher output, check out Vollrath's JT2B series.

      • Variable top and bottom heat controls, in addition to speed controls
      • 2-slice, 10.5" wide conveyor belt
      • For mid-size volume operations
      • NSF approved, cULus listed
      • Made in the USA


Item # Model Description
CT4-120450 JT2 450 Slices Per Hour, 120v
CT4-208800 JT2 800 Slices Per Hour, 208v
CT4-240800 JT2 800 Slices Per Hour, 240v
CT4H-120300 JT2H 300 Slices Per Hour, 120v, High Clearance
CT4H-208550 JT2H 550 Slices Per Hour, 208v, High Clearance
CT4H-240550 JT2H 550 Slices Per Hour, 240v, High Clearance


Two year parts parts and one year labour warranty. The heater tubes have a one year parts and labour warranty, and the heater tube glass damage is not covered.