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Walk In Coolers

Many restaurants and hotels in Canada are going to need the space that a walk in cooler provides. (You may also want to check out our walk in freezer section.) There are a few considerations to take in mind before your purchase. The first and most obvious being size! Keep in mind that you will want to take about 8" off of the width and depth of the box -- this is because the walls are about 4", so you're going to be losing a bit of internal space.

You should try to get as accurate a size for your walk in cooler as possible. This is crucual because if you get a cooler that is too big, you're going to be spending too much on the cooling costs. But if the cooler is too small, and you're putting too many things in it, the products may not stay cold enough. So measure twice, buy once!

Walk-in coolers typically can be bought in one of two ways: quick-ship models, and custom built models. Quick-ship models are what you see here on our website. These are pre-designed models that are frequently purchased, so you can have one shipped to you within a week. For a custom built model, you can give us a call, or send us an email, and we'd be happy to help. A custom built model is ideal if you've got particular needs for the size of the unit, or if you want a cooler-freezer combination.

Another consideration for size is the aisle in the middle of your cooler. A walk in cooler's door is typically about 30" wide, so normally you won't need an aisle any wider than that. But do you want to be able to bring a cart into your cooler and be able to turn it around? Well, then you might need to get a bigger size cooler, so that you'll have aisle-room to do that.

For refrigeration, you can choose self-contained units or remote units. Self-contained can be top-mounted (or "penthouse") or they can be side-mounted. These are much easier to install. It's so easy in fact you can probably do it yourself, which as you can imagine, will save you a lot of money -- you won't have to pay a refrigeration technician to install your unit. He'll just have to inspect your installation job, which is fairly cheap.

On the other hand, remote refrigeration units are going to require you to hire a refrigeration technician to install them. This will cost you a bit of money, but it might be necessary depending on your size restrictions.

One last consideration is what the exterior walls are made of. Aluminum is an economical choice, and it won't rust, but it could get dented or scratched a lot easier than galvanized steel, which might cost you a bit more, but is far more durable.

If you're unsure about which walk in cooler you should buy, or if you want to build a custom walk in cooler, then give us a call or send us an email, and we'd be happy to help!
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